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We are determined to make the event more accessible to everyone, and thus are introducing general admission tickets to the expo program of Game Access. This is a unique opportunity for everyone who is interested in games - as each ticket holder will be able to check out and play new games from the Indie Showcase lineup and witness the Game Access Awards - a competition where the rising stars of the industry will compete for truly grand prizes. It’s one of the most comprehensive packages a fan could wish for, as it also includes unlimited access to the expo area and all the associated side events.

Expo ticket for Game Access brings the ultimate one-day event to all gamers and fans, but not just that. We are determined to go above and beyond your wildest expectations, so we will also be introducing curated sessions where each attendee can get invaluable behind-the-scenes insights into how games are made. Take a peek under the hood and learn how your favorite games come to life!

We will be publishing the detailed expo program in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

BVV · Brno Exhibition Centre BVV · Brno Exhibition Centre

What will you be part of?

Game Access Awards

16.th May / Saturday, TBA

Indie Showcase

16.th May / Saturday, 09:00 - 18:00

Expo Stage

16.th May / Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00


Get yours now! Early Bird prices are valid until 29th February 2020.
> What will I experience with the expo ticket?
You will take part in the official Game Access event for gamers and fans. The expo area will bring together hundreds of game studios who are eager to showcase their projects to the world, so all attendees will have the chance to be in the heart of the game development scene.
> How is the expo ticket different from regular Game Access Conference tickets? I am confused!
Game Access Expo pass grants access to the expo zone of the venue along with specialized sessions and Game Access awards. However, Expo pass holders cannot access the speeches, Game Access parties, business sections or round tables. Think of it as of a cool side event within a bigger event - designed for fans and gamers, not game studios!